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Male urology includes a number of diseases of genitourinary system and pathologies of retroperitoneum. An urologist  deals with diagnostics, therapy and prevention of these diseases and pathologies. Treatment of urology disorders at early stages is extremely important, as urology diseases threaten reproductive health and deteriorate life quality. A man experiencing urogenital problems, suffers not only psychologically, but is also mentally distressed: each man is worried if he has a feeling of “inferiority” in one of the most important areas of life!

Urology in Belarus

Today in the Republic of Belarus a lot of efforts are put into the development of medicine, along with the improvement of diagnostic and health services. Urology in Minsk is a well-developed field of medicine with excellent diagnostic possibilities and application of all methods of examination:

  • clinical;
  • instrumental;

Each urology clinic with its constant development of highly-qualified medical professionals and with advanced appliances is eager for improvement  - and this means a real competition, struggle for patients, who prefer high quality medical services. Of course, it applies to paid urology, as the worldwide, but this factor guarantees a high quality of medical services.

Pediatric urology

Every parent should care about physical and moral well-being of his or her kid. Urologic problems and urogenital pathologies can be diagnosed in kids at early age and they demand immediate treatment. Delay in treatment and low-quality medical services rendered to children threaten their reproductive and general health. Pediatric urologists must be competent. Pediatric urology in Minsk is in the process of a constant development, where the specialists use the most effective and sparing treatment methods. Our physicians are very competent and they can communicate with small patients in such a manner that all examinations, diagnostics and other procedures don’t do any harm to  psychological state of children.

Urologic diseases

Unfortunately, a person can start experiencing urologic concerns at any age. Male urology deals with extremely unpleasant conditions:

  • cystitis; 
  • urethritis; 
  • pyelonephritis; 
  • kidney pathologies (urology and nephrology deals with either kidney pathologies or pyelonephritis); 
  • orchitis, epididymitis (acute or chronic inflammations in testicles  and epididymis);
  • pampinocele (varicocele);
  • hydrocele;
  • prostatitis and etc.

Neglected diseases can lead to the loss of sexual power, male infertility, oncology — it is strongly recommended to treat these diseases in time.

Very often, both urology and surgery are used to fight against the causes of these diseases: urologists perform thousands of surgeries, from easy (frenotomy) to complicated ones (nephrectomy, Reich two-stage operation).

Medical tourism

The Republic of Belarus today is one of the most perspective countries of Eastern Europe in respect to medical tourism (getting of medical services outside homeland). Medical services in Belarus, including medical services in urology, are popular among citizens of other countries: Belarusian clinics offer high-quality services like in European countries, but the prices in Belarus are significantly lower than in Europe. Positive feedback from foreign citizens being cured by Belarusian doctors serves as a proof of a high quality of medical services.

Operator of medical tourism BelMedContact welcomes all people suffered from urologic problems to have  treatment and examination in our clinics. Contact us and we will organize visits with the most highly qualified urologists for you. Everything will be ready to take you to prestigious urology clinic or urology center in Minsk. We will organize your arrival and book an apartment for you and your closest ones.

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