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Life is unpredictable, so anybody may need a surgeon’s help one day. Surgery is a very specific medical sphere; medical malpractice and negligence to a patient are unacceptable. However, what if people in need of this help lack a good surgical hospital in their neighborhood? Belarusian medical tourism operator BelMedContact invites you for a treatment, since Belarusian surgery deserves your attention!

In recent years, Belarus is becoming one of big regional centers of medical tourism. Specialists believe that surgery in Belarus is quite instrumental in attracting people: it is being developed effectively, special knowledge basis being enriched, doctors’ craftsmanship getting better and better, and, therefore, medical service quality getting higher. Patients from abroad are constantly attracted by the low cost of operations combined with the excellent quality and effectiveness of surgical intervention. Patients get real help! At the same time, the prices for surgery in Minsk are much lower than the cost of similar manipulations in other countries.

If your disease requires surgery, it means serious stress. Not everyone in this state is ready to search for the best doctors and clinics. BelMedContact specialist will do it for you! Let us know about your problem and we’ll help you get treatment at a clinic, a department or a surgery center in Minsk that is optimal for your situation.

If you suffer from disturbances in the blood vessels, various problems with the functions of arteries and veins, you should quickly contact specialists not only to eliminate the manifestations of the disease. Surgical intervention will also help you avoid serious complications (e.g. thrombophlebitis, vascular ruptures, various thromboses, stroke and limb amputation). Thus, vascular surgery in Minsk is at your disposal, which means treatment at best public or private medical centers.

Child Surgeon (Pediatric Surgery)

Sadly, not only adults often need surgical services. Pediatric surgery is an area of even greater responsibility and requires impeccable professionalism from doctors. BelMedContact wants to tell young patients’ parents: the National Research and Application Center of Pediatric Surgery in Minsk is a decent medical institution to trust your child’s health and life to. Here the specialists’ theoretic knowledge and practical skills are constantly improved and updated.

The Center doctors take part in the meetings of the European Association for Cardio-Thoracic Surgery; they also enlarge their co-operation with Child Cardiology Association in Russia. On the 3 December 2018, the Center doctors performed Damus-Rastelli operation for the first time in a country within Commonwealth of Independent States. This operation is extremely hard to perform; only some cardiology centers in the world do it. The patient was just 3 month old. The operation lasted 14 hours. The surgical intervention was successful and the baby got a chance to grow up healthy; otherwise, it would have to face several operations for 4 years. In April 2019, the Center hosted an international conference entitled Child Endoscopy School.

Surgery in Minsk is for minors and adults; get in touch with BelMedContact specialists and we will help you find the most qualified doctors to solve your problem, contact them and provide you with all the necessary information about your future trip and treatment plan. We will meet you upon arrival in Belarus and deliver you to the reception of the selected center, department or clinic: any fee-based surgery in Minsk is at your disposal.

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