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Plastic and aesthetic surgery

Plastic and aesthetic surgery


Do you know that before 1960s only reconstructive plastic surgery existed to remove different defects of tissues and restore disrupted functions of the body? Fortunately, modern plastic surgery is not only functional, but also esthetic results of treatment.

Plastic Surgery in Belarus

Today, plastic surgery in the Republic of Belarus is being developed in full compliance with international standards. We can make complex operations with light anesthesia not harming body. Each plastic surgery clinic in Belarus seeks to acquire both high-quality specialists in its field and to acquire the best examples of modern equipment. It includes:

  • video equipment; 
  • endoscopic equipment; 
  • lasers.

All this helps to make microscopic, delicate incisions, which makes the traces of a surgical intervention tighten soon and in time even the patients themselves no longer notice them. This minimal invasion plastic surgery is accepted worldwide.

While the treatment is of high quality, the prices for services in Belarus are lower than European ones, and we see a constant influx of foreign clients to our best plastic surgery clinics.

How a Plastic Surgeon Can Help You

We have a long experience of successful operation in the following areas:

  • blepharoplasty (correcting eye shapes, raising eyebrows and eyelids; to be done with general anesthesia. The results remain for 10 years); 
  • facelifting and its recent variant masklifting (with micropunctures, video equipment and shorter recovery period); it means smoothing wrinkles, tightening the skin of the face, neck, décolleté; 
  • mammoplasty (changing the size and shape of breasts, nipples; the effect is long and lasts for many years); 
  • abdominalplasty (correcting the shape of the abdomen, decreasing its volume, stretch marks alignment);
  • liposuction and lipofilling (removing fat from problem areas to those demanding more volume, usually breast, lips, hips);
  • esthetic correction of chronic cicatrices, scars and stretching; this invasion is carried out using laser resurfacing, the recovery takes 2 or 3 days and practically does not impose restrictions on a person’s daily activities: it is undesirable only to exercise physically and visit pools and baths;
  • labiaplasty to improve vulvar lips shape and restore vagina tonus;
  • correcting leg shape: with the help of liposuction or, on the contrary, the installation of implants, the shape of the legs becomes harmonious. This operation lasts no more than an hour, and the full rehabilitation requires between 2 and 6 weeks.

The Preparation Period

Typically, the preparation to a plastic surgery invasion begins with a patient’s search of a suitable clinic. Sometimes the individual visits one, two even ten plastic surgery centers and yet cannot find the right one and is in doubts. The mass media regularly report on unskilled surgeons who make expensive operations, and still uglify their patients.

BelMedContact, a medical tourism operator suggests helping to solve this most important question in a faster and more effective way. Contact us and describe your problem; we will choose for you a reliable plastic surgery center and a specialist who is credible and known for excellent treatment results. We exclude non-quality plastic surgery service for we work only with high professional doctors. We will also meet you upon your arrival in Belarus, we will accompany you to the place of treatment and, if you wish, we will help with the rental of housing!

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