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Otorhinolaryngology is in high demand today. Back in the days people suffered from runny nose, snoring, otitis for years – today nobody is going to tolerate earache, raw throat or sinus pain. People seek high quality lifestyle for their children and for themselves. Besides, possibilities of prevention, diagnostics and treatment in the field of ENT-diseases have been developed compared to the previous decades. Modern otorhinolaryngology really cures!

Otorhinolaryngology in Belarus

Otorhinolaryngology in Minsk will help you to restore vital functions (voice, hearing), improve your breathing and sleep. Physicians of the Republic of Belarus study all actual issues of otorhinolaryngology, implement latest technologies for the medical treatment in their practice, carry out high-tech surgeries. Clinics are equipped with modern appliances, all ENT-services are available in the course of the treatment.

Today the Republic of Belarus is visited by people from different countries who seek treatment there — the quality of medical services corresponds to the world standards, while the prices are significantly lower than in Europe. Former patients, who have got rid of ear, nose and throat disorders, leave positive feedback about the work of our physicians.

The field of otorhinolaryngology which demands a high qualification from a physician is pediatric otorhinolaryngology. It is given a serious consideration. It is vitally important for children to breathe and speak light and free, any neglected ENT-disease slows down child development.

The following diseases are successfully treated in our country:

  • nasal inflammatory and allergic diseases (acute and chronic rhinitis, adenoids, frontal sinusitis, maxillary sinusitis and others);
  • inflammatory diseases of ear (otitis, eustachitis);
  • bradyacuasia (with the application of tympanoplasty, stapedoplasty if it’s necessary);
  • fungal and occupational diseases of ENT-organs; 
  • laryngology: treatment of inflammatory, allergic, functional diseases of throat and larynx, voice disorders, related to painful conditions; 
  • snoring during the sleep.

Surgery helps to cope with the problems of neoplasms and adenoid vegetations. Our physicians carry out the following otorhinolaryngology surgeries:

  • benign neoplasms of throat, earflap, nasal cavity;
  • adenoids.

Specialists also perform nasal reconstruction surgeries.

The Republican Scientific and Practical Center of Otorhinolaryngology in Minsk offers medical services for foreign citizens either in outpatient or inpatient clinics. Specialists of the center apply the following effective diagnostic techniques: functional, laboratory, endoscopic, X-ray diagnostics in otorhinolaryngology.

The following services are available there:

  • barotherapy (on medical indications);
  • diagnostics and treatment of snoring;
  • cosmetology (otoplasty, rhinaplasty);
  • reflexotherapy and physiotherapy in otorhinolaryngology, massage.

BelMedContact invites you to the Republic of Belarus to get rid of respiratory and voice disorders — moreover, it will not cause you any unnecessary troubles associated with the travel and search of appropriate treatment option. Contact us, describe your problems — and we will get straight to work!

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