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Orthopedics and traumatology

Orthopedics and traumatology


Orthopedics and traumatology is a branch of medicine, which has been actual for all times. Quite often people suffer from traumas, deformations and pathologies of musculoskeletal system. Anyone shouldn’t neglect the treatment and correction of these disorders: healthy spine and limbs are vitally important for every person. Pediatric orthopedics and traumatology are the branches of medicine which are considered to be of the greatest importance: each child should experience freedom actions!

Nowadays paid medical services don’t surprise anyone, but their quality often leaves much to be desired. For this reason, the operator of medical tourism BelMedContact offers you to use medical services of traumatology and orthopedics in Belarus. 

Today traumatology and orthopedics in Minsk are being actively developing and improving, which makes it possible to carry out complex diagnostic investigations and treat musculoskeletal diseases applying innovative methods (treatment by mesenchymal stem cells). 

Thus, orthopedics in Minsk has got an additional possibility to offer medical services at the world level. Leading orthopedists of Belarus, heads of specialized divisions of clinics, are honorable guests at international professional conferences and symposiums on their specialties. They willingly share experience with young specialists, who are quickly mastering their skills working with innovative appliances and using new treatment methods. 

Hundreds of patients wish to be treated in Minsk, because chargeable orthopedics in Belarus is known for its excellent treatment quality. Besides, reasonable prices for medical services make it possible to cut down high expenses for the treatment! Also an orthopedic specialist working in a private clinic with paid services, valuing his professional reputation and realizing “the high bar” set by his colleagues, is striving for getting excellent medical results. 

Traumatology in Minsk is also on a high level. The feedback on traumatology clinics from former patients is wonderful. 

Pediatric orthopedic doctor (pediatric orthopedics)

Each parent can’t stay calm seeing his or her child’s suffering caused by:

  •  ICP;  
  •  birth trauma; 
  •  perinatal encephalopathy;  
  •  different brain and spinal cord injuries;  
  •  dystonia;  
  •  paralysis, paresis; 
  • problems of peripheral nervous system;  
  • torticollis;  
  • congenital hip dislocation;  
  • deformed limbs;
  • posture problems;  
  • clubfoot and flat foot. 

Contact BelMedContact, and a highly-qualified pediatric orthopedic doctor will be glad to examine your child! 

Services offered

Today orthopedics in Minsk has high possibilities at the level of the world standards. It includes the following:

  •  arthroscopy of shoulder, knee, ankle joints;  
  •  treatment of arthritis and arthrosis;  
  • endoprosthetics;  
  •  Dupuytren’s contracture; 
  •  Baker’s cyst;
  •  benign neoplasms;  
  •  autoimmune disease of musculoskeletal system; 
  • treatment of bone spur on foot. 

Belarusian specialists perform thousands of keyhole surgeries — they minimally damage the surrounding tissues and their postoperative period of rehabilitation is not so long. Spine operations (also the most complicated ones — operations on intervertebral disk replacement) are performed with the application of actual transpedicular fixation systems, being certified in Belarus. The systems strengthen spine, prevent its destruction at serious chronic diseases. Dozens of patients regained their feet and left their wheelchairs even in cases of severe spinal fractures. Also our patients are appealed by high-quality joint endoprosthesis.

Managers of «BelMedContact» will choose an optimal treatment option for you and draw up a detailed plan of your stay in the country (you will not have to worry about communication with clinics, doctors, hotels, transport and transfer providers and etc.). We will meet you and take you to the clinic, book accommodations which are suitable for you.

Children and adults are welcome! We want you to move freely!

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