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Sometimes hectic lifestyle is the reason why people don’t pay any attention to their health and that their eyesight is getting worse.  It can happen to anyone — working at computers and gadgets, day and night, poor environmental factors, stresses. As a result, not only adults, but also children need eyesight recovery! Your local hospital leaves much to be desired? No any specialized vision clinic in your place of living? Eye microsurgery or even simple laser correction sounds like a miracle for a local ophthalmologist? Keep squinting?

Operator of medical tourism BelMedContact offers you to use services of the best eye clinics in Belarus.

Paid ophthalmological services in Belarus

Today the Republic of Belarus is undergoing a boom in medical tourism, and it is not surprising: medicine in Belarus is actively developing according to the world standards. It also applies to eye treatment— today we have progressive modern ophthalmology with its actual diagnostic techniques, which can’t be ignored due to its possibilities to find out the problem. The following treatment techniques, together with the application of high-tech appliances, are used while treating:

  • ultrasound and electrophysiological investigations in all well-known regimes; 
  • optical scanning tomography of retina and ophthalmic nerve (also in 3D); 
  • retinoscopy with visual recording;
  • optical biometrics;
  • pathymetry; 
  • gonioscopy; 
  • fluorescent angiography;
  • examination with the help of fundus lens; 
  • endothelial biomicroscopy;
  • corneal topography and others.

Ophthalmologists in Belarus constantly improve their qualifications, because development of medicine significantly increases the competition, and nobody wants to give an impression of an unskilled specialist in comparison with competent colleagues.

People from abroad arrive to Belarus to get medical treatment, because the prices for high-efficiency manipulations in Belarus are considerably lower than in «top» European clinics, and the results are not worse! If it is interesting for you, just compare the prices for any laser eye correction in Belarus with the prices in Europe. You will be pleasantly surprised!

Affordable services

Don’t be anxious — eye microsurgery is well-developed in Belarus, besides there are quite a lot of specialized clinics equipped with modern devices where the staff is represented only by excellent professionals. Come to Belarus and take your children with you — pediatric ophthalmology, which demands a high level of qualification from physicians, is also on a high level.

The most demanded services are the following ones:

  • laser eye correction (we carry out it with the application of different techniques, which have proved their efficiency — FemtoLASIK, ILASIK, FRK);
  • cataract extraction (this disease is quite common among elderly people); 
  • treatment of glaucoma, strabismus, pterygium, pathologies of retina and eyelids (in case of detachment — surgical treatment), astigmatism (with the application of intraocular lens TORIC); 
  • intravitreal injection; 
  • Intraocular lens implantation.

What is to start with?

The upcoming eye surgery is very stressful for almost all the patients. A patient thinks only about the result, and there is no need to worry about other matters, such as: making a decision on choosing the treatment method, communication, travel. Contact our company and we will help you with the following:

  • we will listen to and take care of your individual concerns and the problem itself; 
  • we will choose the most appropriate division or ophthalmology center and contact with qualified specialists working there; 
  • we will let you know about the preliminary cost of all the procedures (the total price will be set only after a visit with a physician in a clinic) and will inform you about all the details concerning your staying; 
  • we will meet you and take you to the place of destination (clinic or apartments);
  • we will find apartments for you and book it on you request; 
  • we will assist you in transport and transfers.

Say goodbye to your irritating spectacles or contacts!

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