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Oncology and oncohematology

Oncology and oncohematology


According to the world statistics, a lot of countries experience rise in oncology cases. 30% of people worldwide need malignant tumors elimination.

Oncology in Belarus: statistics

In Minsk, oncology centers carry out precise diagnostics and top-quality treatment for more than 18 000 people who suffer from malignant tumors. In Belarus, more than 60% of malignant tumors are diagnosed at early stages (1 stage or 2 stage) and are successfully cured.

Prostate, skin, colon, alimentary canal cancer have become the most widespread ones. Less common ones are kidney cancer and female reproductive organs cancer.

Annually, more than 1000 patients arrive from abroad to get medical treatment in Belarus. Geographically, it encompasses a huge number of countries: Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Moldova.

Our oncologists regularly get positive feedback from patients after the treatment due to successful recovery.

Oncology in Belarus

Operator of medical tourism BelMedContact invites you to the Republic of Belarus. Our physicians work at well-equipped healthcare establishments, possessing all necessary skills and constantly improving their knowledge participating in scientific and practical conferences and symposiums, either local or international ones. Our specialists have invaluable experience and willingly share it with their young colleagues. They provide the following services:

  • chemotherapy (with the application of the most contemporary drugs, tested for efficiency and used throughout the world);
  • radiotherapy;
  • proton therapy; 
  • hematology; 
  • complex and localized treatment techniques.

In case a surgical treatment is obligatory for tumor elimination, patients can get the following medical services:

electro- and laser surgery, cryosurgery, laparoscopic minimally invasive surgery (organ-preserving operations). The field of adult oncology in Belarus is represented only by highly-qualified specialists. The same is with the pediatric oncology, but it is surely better!

Cancer treatment in Belarus: prices

It is quite common that oncological patients choose paid services abroad. And they are right: oncology centers in Israel or Germany is a good choice. But the average cost of treatment in these countries is from 30 000 to 65 000 USD, and it is not the limit.

In Belarus, therapeutic oncology which includes complex packages consisting of oncology detection and its treatment is much less— on average it is from 5 000 to 10 000 USD.

Remember that the final price depends on the following factors:

  • age and health condition of a patient (depending on the necessity to seek other specialists’ attendance in case a patient has concomitant diseases — cardiovascular, respiratory and others); 
  • stage of the disease (the degree of tumor expansion in patient’s body, incidence of metastases);
  • the necessity of additional examinations and other factors.

After the detection of cancer symptoms in themselves and confirmation of cancer being diagnosed after the examination, usually people tend to get desperate, start to panic and have depression. They can’t concentrate on the problem of choosing the better option for oncology treatment.

If you are a relative or a closest one of a patient who cares about this problem — make the right choice.

Prepare all the necessary medical records, preferably the most actual ones (the results of examinations, analyses, histology, MRT, epicrises made by oncologists). Contact with the consultants of BelMedContact and describe the problem in detail. We understand the gravity of the situation and we will get straight to work as quickly as possible. Right after your arrival to Belarus you will be admitted to a necessary division of a hospital or oncology center due to our quick work.

You will have an appointment with our best specialists working in the field of oncology and radiation medicine – without any queues or other delays.

We will meet you, take you to the clinic which you have chosen, book an apartment for the person accompanying you on your request. 

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