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Neurology and neurosurgery

Neurology and neurosurgery


The neurology is a sphere of medical science studying neurosystems problems (central, autonomous, peripheral) its coverings, blood vessels, nerve-ending covering (e.g. muscles). The causes of neurological diseases are numerous. Not only they include neurosystem inherent defects, but also different disorder obtained due to:

  • infectious diseases;
  • traumas; 
  • stresses of different origin as neurology is the key to many infirmities caused by stress at work and at home; 
  • bad habits; 
  • harmful environmental impact as well as ecological, climatic and other factors effect.

The most common neurological problem include multiple neuroses, neurites, nerve pain, migraine, vasoneurosis, ischias, headaches and face nerves work disorders. The most challenging involve strokes, multiple sclerosis, brain tumors, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases.

Some sad statistics say 10% of adults in well-developed economies suffer from migraines alone. Every year strokes kill or make disabled hundreds of thousands of people who are by no means elderly. When tumors attack brain neurosurgery begins to act.

Remember: neurology at its current level allows you to prevent the development of many irreversible processes, provided you seek timely consultative and diagnostic help!

Medical tourism operator BelMedContact invites foreign citizens to receive qualified neurological assistance in medical institutions of Belarus.

Neurology in Belarus

Please, note that neurology and neurosurgery in Belarus are constantly improving. Qualified specialists’ services are provided according to international standards while the prices are lower than European and global ones.

Every neurology department in this country annually receives thousands of patients of all ages who are successfully undergoing treatment, both Belarusians and foreigners (medical tourism operators including BelMedContact help the latter with diagnostics and necessary procedures). The unique treatment methods developed at the National Research and Application Center of Neurology and Neurosurgery in Minsk, the up-to-date clinical equipment provide optimal conditions for eliminating the causes, preventing relapses and complications of neurological diseases, as well as for their prevention in the future. Neurological problems of children deserve special attention; child neurology and child neurosurgery are progressing according to the most advanced world programs.

If neurological problems are evident, the accurate diagnosis becomes the most important. The make diagnoses in Belarus диагноз based on:

  • magnetic resonance tomography; 
  • ultrasound examination; 
  • laboratory;
  • instrumental; 
  • X-ray, 
  • myography study as well as blood flow Doppler-scanning.

Blood flow parameters in arteries and veins are a most important indicator for diagnosing neurological problems in the body. Circulatory disorders are the cause of most neurological pathologies.

On having obtained the tests and analyses results a treating doctor decides the further treatment plan (depending on certain clinical case) and needed actions: whether medical therapy is enough or planned / urgent neurosurgery is necessary. We use special treatment programs with proved effectiveness (doctors upgrade their qualifications at international research and application conferences and follow the best practices of European and US neurosurgeons) and professional neurosurgical operations are carried out.

When a Doctor is Needed

First symptoms of neurological problems are easy to miss. Watch your health and contact us, if you suffer from:

  •  unstable sleeping (insomnia, difficulties to wake in the morning or getting up too much at night); 
  •  regular strong headaches and giddiness; 
  •  coordination difficulties; 
  •  noticeable pain syndrome in joints or lumbar area; 
  •  tinnitus; 
  •  unstable heart rhythm and blood pressure.

Referring to BelMedContact means best fee-based neurology and neurosurgery in Belarus. We’ll make you free from stress and trouble of moving and looking for best treatment conditions: contact with doctors, meet you, take you to your destination and book your accommodation.

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