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Maxillofacial surgery

Maxillofacial Surgery


Maxillofacial surgery is an important medical sphere related with the diagnostics and treatment of diseases, defects and injuries of the head (solid and soft tissues), neck, jaws, teeth, gingivae and the whole oral cavity. Both functional and esthetic aspects of these problems are taken into account.

Maxillofacial Surgery in Belarus

Medical tourism operator BelMedContact invites you for treatment to Belarus; it’s convenient and beneficial for patients. Belarusian maxillofacial surgeons know every special technique of their sphere and upgrade their knowledge and skills regularly by training and internship in successful clinics abroad.

Each maxillofacial surgery clinic in Belarus has well-qualified staff and the newest equipment to provide professional help at a very high level.

Another important sphere is well-developed in here, it is pediatric maxillofacial surgery. Any medical manipulation is carried out with account for little patients’ age and psychology.

Also, Belarusian medical service cost is important; for European quality it’s significantly lower than in similar hospitals abroad.

Surgical Service

Our specialist perform effective operations and help in the following situation:

  • the craniofacial area injuries. They have acquired big experience in treating and restoring most dangerous traumas and complex injuries, including facial bones and jaws fractures;
  • the craniofacial area inborn defects (in particular, the widest-spread abnormalities of the face and the crane, such as cleft palate and cleft upper lip). Our doctors remove this defect to babies restoring functionality to a mouth and esthetic attractiveness to a child’s face; 
  • inborn and acquired deformations of face and jaws via surgical correction of these defects to improve functional capabilities and esthetic image. Apart from traditional surgical interventions they use compressive distraction osteosynthesis method to reduce surgical traumatic impact and complication development risk, allow operating faster and improve overall results. High-performance compressive distraction equipment is used from world best brands; 
  • neoplasms in the head, mouth or neck. Both nonmalignant and malignant ones are removed; 
  • wisdom teeth pathologies, these teeth being often plagued with decay triggering gum inflammation and tumor or cyst development. Those teeth are hard to extract, but our surgeons remove wisdom teeth without damaging neighboring tissues, vessels, nerves or teeth; 
  • vascular malformations and hemangiomas of the craniofacial area; they cure vascular tumors on the face, in the mouth and on the neck; besides conventional techniques they use such new methods as sclerotherapy, laser therapy and cryotherapy; 
  • diseases of the temporomandibular joint, that are serous, widespread and often result in different unpleasant feelings (headaches, earaches, lower jaw bone mobility restriction etc.). The affected areas are treated surgically or non-surgically to restore the joint damaged tissues; 
  • dental implantation. Well-installed implants look like natural teeth and are fitted with no damage to the tooth alignment or jaw bone tissue losses. 

 Any surgery in the sensitive craniofacial area is made with general or local anesthesia to ensure a patient’s comfort and safety.

Working with Plastic Surgeons

The maxillofacial surgery in Belarus goes hand in hand with the plastic surgery. Not only functionality of a medical intervention matters, but also its esthetic result. Therefore, before each such intervention they provide for the computer modelling of possible results.

Get in touch with BelMedContact and we’ll find a suitable maxillofacial surgery department to help you enjoy adequate assistance, we’ll help you contact with doctors, meet you at your arrival and take you to the treatment destination. Remember, please, that the final cost can be calculated only after face-to-face consulting a doctor!

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