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Manual therapy, Kinesio Taping

Manual therapy, Kinesio Taping


Today osteochondrosis, spinal curvature and splitting pain in the back and neck are not just the burden of the elderly. These problems have grown younger fast; the risk group includes young office workers and everybody earning their living working on a computer. Anyone having faced back or neck pain preventing from moving normally knows how hard and long the treatment is.

To relieve this unbearable state quickly you need a chiropractor, a specialist manually making changes in a patient’s body. This specialist helps remove defects and eliminate problems of the spine and locomotor system as well as improve internal organs functioning.

Manual Therapy in Belarus

Since early 2000s manual therapy becomes more and more popular in Belarus. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon that a quacksalver pretends to be a chiropractor having no appropriate education. In lucky cases this “treatment” just doesn’t help, in worst situations incompetent spine and neck manual therapy may make a patient feel much worse or handicap the individual.

Medical tourism operator BelMedContact will help you avoid such risks. We work only with real professionals, having experience and good qualifications. Often people suffering from pain cannot tell between a talkative and charming quacksalver and a real specialist. It isn’t difficult:

  1. A professional chiropractor has a medical university diploma, a special certificate permitting to practice manual therapy.
  2. A specialist’s diagnostics takes at least 30 minutes; he or she will make a conclusion and offers plan for further actions. The talk is always meaningful and businesslike. 
  3. A quacksalver is not interested in the patient’s situation details. He or she may pretend to study X-ray images, but usually has no manual examination.
  4. A specialist while making a massage feels tissue resistance and stops manipulations before a patient feels pain or discomfort. 
  5. A specialist knows which areas or vertebrae need correcting.

Kinesio Taping in Belarus

Kinesio taping is an innovation treatment method. It’s based on using elastic cotton tapes having properties similar to human skin. These tapes called kinesio tapes are covered with glue gel (hypoallergenic and water-resistant acrylic gel). The applied tapes lift the skin over the injured body area thus reducing pain and helping lymph and interstitial liquid leave the injury area (trauma zone, bruise or inflammation area).

By stimulating neuroceptor, kinesio tapes help form the proper core and restore tissues. Just two examples of this method in action.

Kinesio taping of spine hernia helps:

  •  reduce or remove pain in hernia formation area; 
  •  accelerate recovery; 
  •  restore health to normal; 
  •  improve mobility; 
  •  reduce pressure on and crossclamping of blood vessels as well as remove edemas; 
  •  improve posture at working, walking and sitting; 
  •  reduce spine damage risk by physical exercising; 
  •  protect the problem spine area from external impacts by limiting its mobility. 

Knee joint kinesio taping helps in case of:

  •  hit injury; 
  •  locomotor system pathologies; 
  •  muscle and ligament strains; 
  •  juxta-articular tissue pain;
  •  spasms caused by excessive muscular job.

Today Belarusian are successful in spine kinesio taping as well as other body parts:

  •  neck; 
  •  shoulders; 
  •  abdominal muscles; 
  •  loins; 
  •  hips; 
  •  knees; 
  •  feet.

Why Choosing Belarus

Today patients from many countries come to Belarus for treatment. The secret of our country’s popularity is simple: European quality and well-qualified specialists plus the prices far lower than in Europe. Of course, one should take into account that the final cost of any treatment is determined only after doctor’s examination and diagnosis.

BelMedContact invites for treatment everybody having spine and locomotor system problems. We’ll find a suitable manual therapy room for you and help you arrange your kinesio taping. Our employees will meet you and accompany you to a specialist or your temporary stay address.

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