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Today obstetrics and gynecology make an extremely demanded branch of medicine for every woman wants to be healthy and bare healthy children. Well-developed and customer-oriented female gynecology — means happy mothers and families.

BelMedContact is a medical tourism operator. If you need a gynecologist’s help in Belarus, we will arrange for your stay and treatment there.

Gynecology in Belarus

In Belarus, obstetrics and gynecology are constantly improving in respect of the service quality. Gynecologists enhance their qualifications as well as implement new most efficient and proven techniques that bring best results. Especially good achievements are shown by the private gynecology.

Newest anti-inflammatory medicines are used in gynecology: for over 4 years they manufacture in Belarus a unique drug called Endoferin®, which does not inhibit or disrupt normal menstrual cycle duration. Endoferin® overcomes endometriosis, a most challenging female reproductive part disorder causing sterility. The drug is used both in monotherapy of endometriosis, and in combination with other reproductive technologies or surgical treatment; it has already helped many women whose previous attempts to cure were unsuccessful.

Complex gynecological operations are performed to help patients even with serious illnesses: more than 40 patients have been able to become pregnant successfully after kidney transplantation (including those ones with severe type 1 diabetes, and a liver and kidney transplantation was also performed).

Types of Services Rendered

Belarusian obstetrics and gynecology protect women's reproductive health and provide a wide range of services. These include professional and accurate diagnostics, hysteroscopy, hysteroresectoscopy, assistance in pregnancy management, IVF, treatment of various gynecological diseases:

  •  polyps of the cervix and endometrium, 
  •  climax, 
  •  female genital organs prolapse (laparoscopic sacrovaginopexy); 
  •  cervix myoma, 
  •  Female sterility etc.

In addition, esthetic gynecology in Minsk is very popular among patients.

It can be confidently stated that obstetrics and gynecology in Belarus are distinguished by the best price / quality ratio: the prices for professional services with successful treatment are much lower than in Europe.

We will help you take tests in the gynecology department you selected. Depending on your problem, BelMedContact will choose the right clinic for you.

Of course, it is possible to clarify the final cost of treatment only after a live consultation with a doctor or admission to the clinic. After all, the price is shaped taking into account the specific clinical situation, when an accurate treatment plan will be drawn up; otherwise, it is impossible to determine the cost of consumables and drugs.

Many women do not dare to have medical services in other cities, because they consider the trip to be an additional stressful situation; they think about the upcoming efforts to find a suitable clinic and housing in another locality.

BelMedContact sees its mission in helping women to come to have medical help with no fuss or associated problems. We’ll tell you what clinic expects your visit, and, optionally, stay address for your treatment period (specify this moment when talking to our consultant and we’ll book accommodation for you). You will not have to look for a gynecological hospital in an unknown city, for our employees will meet you and take you to where you need to be.

Contact us and you will have high-quality treatment without the usual difficulties of a trip!

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