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Diagnostics and treatment of diseases

Diagnostics and treatment of diseases


Accurate complex medical check-up is a key to find successfully different diseases that are latent or at an early stage. Diagnostics in Belarus is a most popular branch of medical tourism, constantly demanded by patients from different countries.

BelMedContact invites you to have a CHECK-UP in Belarus to have reliable results of your health condition.

CHECK-UP is a complex body diagnostics or its systems separately. Complex medical check-up is carried out on the basis of special prevention programs:

  •  by systems; 
  •  by individual diseases; 
  •  general laboratory test, biochemical tests; 
  •  the whole range of study of current interest (ultrasound exam, computed tomography, magnetic resonance tomography, positron emission tomography, biopsy, etc).

Diagnostics and treatment in Belarus always means a professional approach, high-precision medical equipment and reliable results. Which diagnostic procedures are most demanded?

Computed Tomography (CT)

X-rays are used to make a 3D-image. This way they can find:

  •  Lung tissue pathologies; 
  •  Abdominal, chest and head traumas; 
  •  cerebrovascular accidents.

Magnetic Resonance Tomography (MRT)

MRT is considered to be the most precise central nervous system disorder diagnostic method, highly accurate in revealing vertebral hernias, it can “see” soft tissues well, and so it kis used to find neurosurgical and neurological pathologies and tumors. The results are displayed at a monitor as a 3D-image. No harmful X-rays are used in this method.

Positron Emission Tomography (PET)

It’s a promising method based on isotope radiation detection, isotopes having been placed into the patient’s body. It helps to obtain accurate information and differentiate it when other means of examination bring poor results.

The special value of the method is that it allows studying tissues functions, their metabolic processes, biochemical processes pathologies (it’s these disorders that pave the way for diseases). It allows:

  • revealing cancer at early stages since it finds metastases at the beginning of their development and spreading;
  • determining the exact cancer stage (the treatment effectiveness depends on the determination accuracy); 
  • outlining the right borders of future radiotherapy areas; 
  • revealing a disease relapse; 
  • finding areas with abnormal metabolism or worse blood circulation (e.g. in hypemia patients); 
  • tracing medical manipulation and administered treatment effectiveness.


The method helps study heart vessels, their permeability and general condition via X-rays. Its advantages are:

  • high informativeness and diagnosis precision; 
  • no pain and unpleasant feelings (it’s done with local anesthesia); 
  • speed: the procedure lasts between 15 and 30 minutes; 
  • safety: disposable consumables are used; 
  • results are recorded to portable media.


An effective method of X-ray examination of female breast. It allows for:

  • getting high-precision imaging of a breast; 
  • visualizing different nonpalpable formations; 
  • determining tumor growth character; 
  • estimating process potency degree; 
  • estimating the other breast condition to choose the right treatment strategy; 
  • performing ductography (artificial contrasting lactiferous duct and pathological secretion); 
  • performing controlled centeses of cysts and other formation for histologic purposes.

Why is diagnostics in Belarus so popular? For European precision and quality of the procedures combined with the prices much than in Europe! Get in touch with BelMedContact, and we’ll help you sign up to a quick and effective diagnostics, we’ll meet you and accompany to your destination and, at your request, we’ll book your accommodation.

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