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As per «BelMedContact» statistics more and more people come to Belarus for dentists’ services in recent years. Today medical tourism in Belarus is a most important area of the country’s economic development under the government control. So, patients do not have to beware of cheating and dishonest operators: the government strictly monitor medical tourism firms.

Why is the dentistry in Belarus so popular among our guests? First of all, due to an excellent quality at a comparatively low cost. It is enough to see the relations between prices and feedbacks: the lower the first, the more positive the latter! It is no wonder those who cannot afford treatment at home or elsewhere due to high cost can have their teeth cured, implanted or replaced here. Some international research result reveal that dental services prices in this country are lower than in:

  •  Russia, 1.5 times; 
  •  Baltic region, 2 times;
  •  Scandinavia and West Europe, 3.5-4 times.

Also, implants prices help save money; teeth implantation in here allows you to spare a few thousand dollars!

The main problem of our customers is often to find time for an appointment in their residential place; busy working schedule and family concerns make many postpone a visit to the dentist now and again, so their teeth problems just grow worse. Take a 7-day holiday for a treatment and we’ll help you plan and organize a full-range dentist tour with a stay and solve a long-term problem quickly and effectively!

It isn’t uncommon for children with a negative treatment experience at home to have dental problems. Do not hesitate to plan a medical tour with a child, pediatric dentistry is also well-developed in this country. Not only it will be a good experience of having a kind and compassionate doctor for your child, but also a travel experience.

Teeth Implantation in Belarus

The implantation has the following sequence:

  1.  Using a panoramic exposure, a preliminary treatment plan is drawn up and discussed with you. 
  2.  The dates of the visit are agreed upon, the time is reserved, tourist organizational details (meeting place, residence, types of transport). 
  3.  You go on the first visit to the doctor for a consultation, prosthetic preparation, taking impressions. 
  4.  The structure is made in the laboratory. 
  5.  You come to a try-in. 
  6.  The prothesis is fitted. 
  7.  If necessary a correction takes place.

Dental Tours to Belarus

If you study the feedbacks of patients who come to us for dental tours programs, it becomes obvious: Belarus means really good dentistry. Customers note not only affordable prices for services, but also:

  •  a decent level of preliminary preparation for tours;
  •  quick and informative answers and consultations; 
  •  a high-quality organization; 
  •  professional treatment.

Our company has a reasonable approach to preparation in order to minimize treatment time without loss in quality. Treating, implanting and replacing teeth in Belarus — everything shall be planned with professionals:

  1.  Address BelMedContact via website form. 
  2.  Describe your problem. 
  3.  Attach to your message a panoramic exposure or 3D tomography. 
  4.  Wait for our consultant’s response. 
  5.  Answer his or her questions, discuss details. 
  6.  Get a detailed treatment plan (it will already indicate work options, duration and cost). 
  7.  Discuss it with doctors in any way convenient for you (phone, messengers, e-mail). 
  8.  Discuss with the consultant all your tour arrangements (visa issues, tickets, transfer, options and cost of living, etc.).

Please, note: on-line consulting helps work out only an approximate calculation of the treatment cost. The final sum is made up without accounting for consumables (individual for each patient). The final cost of your treatment can be worked out only after preliminary face-to-face consulting or a medical examination and making the treatment plan. This plan is made with account for every individual clinical case and your wishes: dentistry in Belarus cares about its patients!

Get treated with BelMedContact make your family happy with your beautiful smile!

Belarusian Private Dentistry

To achieve good and stable results our company follows important rules:

  •  we encourage our top specialists to improve professionally by sending them for new knowledge and skills to professional seminars, symposiums, research and application conferences and courses (domestic and international). As a result, dentistry in Belarus is improving and best developments are being used;
  •  we buy only high-quality materials to secure reliable results;
  •  we're customer-oriented and offer a flexible discount system;
  •  our doctors are mobile, they’re always in touch and ready to consult patients remotely at any moment, we appreciate your time;
  •  in our management and accounting department we have professionals, so, the issues of an advance payment from abroad or a payment via a legal entity located abroad are solved quickly;
  •  we'll prepare documents for a visa as quickly as reasonably possible (if you need it to arrive in Belarus);
  •  any disputable situations that may lead to a conflict the company always rules for the customer's benefit.



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