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Cardiology and cardiosurgery

Cardiology and cardiosurgery


The heart is a unique motor of a human body; not just the quality of life, but the life itself depends on its structure, functions and health. Therefore, the “serviceman” of this motor is a cardiologist: they timely discover any alarming signs of its faults and can repair this “motor” as well as prevent its “breakdown” with synteretic actions. Sometimes your life literally depends on your immediately contacting a doctor!

Medical tourism operator BelMedContact invites you to use the services of a cardiologist in Minsk.

Cardiology in Belarus

Today cardiology in Belarus is obviously a priority area — the technical equipment of the leading cardiological centers is being modernized; qualified personnel are constantly being trained. The industry is at the international level, this was noted back in 2011, when the II Eurasian Congress of Cardiologists was held in Minsk. Staff and up-to-date medical equipment provide for high-quality medical service; cardiology in Minsk attracts patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases to our country from all over the world.

Serious attention is paid to vascular surgery and the treatment of their pathologies. Both cardiosurgery and interventional cardiology, popular worldwide, are actively developing, allowing you to get to the right organs through an artery or vein. Full surgical intervention is not required, large incisions are not necessary, and this is a great opportunity to operate patients of an advanced age. Indeed, many of them, due to age-related characteristics, may no longer tolerate serious surgery. Also, the intervention method causes significantly less damage to the body and accelerates postoperative recovery.

This technique, actively used in Belarus, as well as the use of ultrasound, which helps restore vascular patency, aroused great interest of colleagues from abroad. Report on these innovations have been highly appreciated at specialized international congresses. On 23-24 May 2019, an international conference was held on this issue at the National Research and Application Center of Cardiology in Minsk.

The country has its own developments in the medical industry (the most popular and widely known is an artificial heart valve).

Fee-based cardiology provides services not only to Belarusians, but also to foreign citizens, most often leaving positive feedback on the work of our doctors. Indeed, with high quality treatment, its cost is lower in our country than in Europe.

Child Cardiology in Belarus

Especially close attention and high priority is given to protect the health of young patients. Child cardiology Center in Minsk offers the following services to foreign citizens:

  •  consulting (by first-class specialists with significant clinical experience); 
  •  diagnostic (including the most advanced ultrasound diagnostic methods); 
  •  child cardiosurgery (including Ross, Norwood, Fontan, Konno, Rastelli, Ross-Konno, Senning, Mustard and over 100 of hi-tech operations).

When You Should See a Cardiologist

You or your relatives need to see a cardiologist, if you suffer from:

  •  shortbreathing; 
  •  unusual fatigue; 
  •  chest pain; 
  •  puffiness (especially constant leg edema); 
  •  rheumatism and any rheumatoid signs; 
  •  faintness for no reason; 
  •  heart rhythm change (you should be examined by an arhythmologist); 
  •  persistent hypertension (especially if you have had a hypertonic crisis at least once).

One’s nosolabial triangle turning blue can be considered as a reason to get an appointment.

Have a specialist’s examination if you:

  •  are planning to become pregnant; 
  •  have relatives who suffer from serious cardiovascular problems; 
  •  Have relatives with diabetes.

Be careful about children health, especially about newborn babies. Often heart problems first symptoms go unnoticed, as a baby will not complain on pain or any other inconvenience. You must have your child examined by a child cardiologists at a check-up.

Get in touch with BelMedContact and we’ll help you avoid stress and trouble: get an appointment to a paid high-quality Belarusian cardiologist and arrive to have your treatment. We’ll meet you and get you to the medical institution or to your temporary stay address. No queueing with us for:

  •  cardiologist’s consultation in Minsk; 
  •  cardiology center or clinic for your treatment; 
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