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«Planeta SPA»


«Planeta SPA» is a unique place, where you can spend time with a profit to your health, become more beautiful and more self-confident. Each visitor can choose any kind of service and use it at once. «Planeta SPA» offers visitors to have a rest and relax in a pleasant cosy atmosphere, enjoy unique useful procedures, forgetting about daily routines. Spend your time with high-skilled professionals of the beauty salon, who will take care of your appearance and will help you to get rid of clearly seen skin imperfections. 

The salon has a unique service - Rasul Hammam (a unique Turkish bath and treatment complex). All the procedures start from sweating out a little in a moderately warm Turkish bath — Rasul Hammam (the temperature reaches 35 — 50°С, and the humidity level is 100%), which makes it possible to combine SPA procedures with present-day cosmetic procedures and massage. Rasul Hammam prepares your body to other procedures, helps to open your skin pores and to eliminate toxins from your body. 

“Planeta Spa” has a unique place with an inimitable salt room microclimate  - a speleo room (the walls and the ceiling there are from bricks taken from the salt mine in the town of Krakov and it copies the unique factors of the underground speleo room). Salt room has a beneficial effect on health:  it restores health, reduces stress, relieves, improves efficiency and stamina, speeds up the wound healing, helps to forget about a headache, has a good effect on respiratory system and it is recommended for those who suffer from bronchial asthma, allergic individuals, overwrought people (salt has relaxing effects), beneficial for the body in general. 

Every day our professionals work at the creation of new SPA-programs and directions. Free Internet and a parking lot are available for the guests of «Planeta SPA». 

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