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Health Resort “Solnechny”


The territory of the Health Resort belongs to Polesye of Brest region. The climate in this part of the country is humid with a short winter and a warm summer. The wooded park area and a pine forest protect the territory from the city noise and air pollution. 

Today SOLNECHNY Health Resort offers single, double, quadriple rooms of different comfort levels at the main three-storey building and apartments in other eight comfortable two-storey cottages. All rooms are equipped with modern appliances, exquisite furniture, have 15 channels of the central broadcast. Sanitary conveniences are equipped with shower units (two of them have massage units) with bathroom amenities. There is a drying stand in every loggia. 

Besides, SOLNECHNY Health Resort offers the guests to stay in two-storey cottage "Premium", which has two bedrooms, two sitting rooms with well-equipped kitchens, a swimming pool, sauna and a conference hall. 

Medical services of the Health Resort are represented by the latest advanced methods with the application of modern devices, present-day sports equipment, highly-qualified medical and care-taking staff. 

Health Resort “Solnechny” offers the following:

  • 5 meals a day, a special menu
  • 18 medical procedures, which are included into the price of the package tour (in case a visitor doesn’t have any contradictions)
  • Newest kinds of medical services: carboxytherapy, cosmetology, intra-articular intervention of synovial fluids (hyaluronic acid) under ultrasound control. It refers to the new kind of manipulations  - «Modern technologies in the treatment of osteoarthritis»
  • Medical services on weekends
  • A bore with mineral water at the territory of the resort, which depth is 1340 meters
  • A free children’s playroom 
  • Prices for the tour and chargeable services are the same either for foreign or for Belarusian citizens 

On Saturdays, those who will not go on excursion tours (by the doctor’s advice), will have the following procedures instead: infrared sauna, massage couch, pressotherapy, magnetotherapy, laser therapy, amplipulse therapy, speleo- and and chromotherapy («Bioptron»).

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