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Treatment in Belarus

  • Belarusian healthcare establishments, spa and recreation centers are equipped with modern appliances;
  • progressive methods and advanced technologies are applied while treating;
  • highly qualified specialists who undergo training in leading specialized clinics worldwide;
  • high-quality medical services at comperatively low prices;
  • citizens of 74 countries are permitted to stay in Belarus 30 days without a Belarusian visa if they enter through Minsk National Airport;
  • favorable moderate climate;
  • tolerant and hospitable Belarusians with rich history, culture and traditions.

We advise you to use the services of "BelMedContact" for the following reasons:

  • we add no extra charges for the treatment, you just pay for the services at the prices set by medical and sanatorium-resort centers («BelMedContact» acts as a guarantor of payment);
  • we offer free of charge consultations and choose the most appropriate treatment option for you;
  • we will assist you in your trip planning, transfer from the airport (station), accommodation according to your special requirements;
  • in addition, we will offer you an excursion tour for you to get acquainted with the culture and traditions of Belarus;
  • we will offer services of Belarusian mobile network operators for you to stay in 24-hour contact with your loved ones and relatives (whatsapp, viber, telegramm).



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