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The Synevo Laboratory


The Synevo Laboratory is a part of the Medicover medical holding and of the Synevo European network. Synevo Medical Services Network has its health centers across the Republic of Belarus.

The Laboratory offers a wide range of medical tests, applying present-day automatized equipment and reagents from Switzerland, Germany, France and Japan. Medical investigations are carried out in a strict compliance with technological processes to insure quality of lab test results. 

Synevo regularly participates in the programs of External Quality Assessment (EQAS) to confirm high quality and reliability of laboratory tests. 

Developing the service quality, the Synevo Laboratory deals with the following:

  • its work is based on single customer service standards used in Belarus;
  • it follows-up the service level with the help of researches;
  • it implements queue management systems;
  • every patient can obtain his test results in different ways, for example, by e-mail or through the web-site online; 
  • the laboratory sends out automatic reply e-mails when test results are ready; 
  • the laboratory offers discounts, including social ones; 
  • it has a single multi-channel call center. 

Specialists of the Synevo Laboratory guarantee comfort during medical procedures and accurate test results for every patient. 

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