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The Republican Clinical Hospital of Medical Rehabilitation


The Republican Clinical Hospital of Medical Rehabilitation is a unique national specialized institution of the early rehabilitation of patients after a blood stroke, a myocardial infarction, oparations on the brain, the heart or vessels, orthopedic traumatologic operations and traumatism. The Hospital is 25 km of Minsk in a most picturesque place of Belarus near the village of Aksakaŭščyna.

The institution has the most up-to-date medical and rehabilitation equipment, high-quality professionals and the newest rehabilitation techniques in use to carry out the complex diagnostics and treatment of different organs and systems diseases.

The Hospital structure contains 10 rehabilitation departments. The diagnostic facilities include, laboratory, functional, ultrasonic, radioisotopic and endoscopic testing.

The complex and at the same time individual approach of the medical staff help boost the high efficiency of the rehabilitation measures and every patient's quick recovery.

Taken patients' profile:

  • cardiological – cardiovascular diseases;
  • neurological – brain vessel pathologies or neurosurgery aftermaths;
  • orthopedic traumatologic – musculoskeletal system diseases or orthopedic traumatologic operations aftermaths;
  • rehabilitation of children with cardiovascular, neurological and orthopedic traumatologic pathologies.
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