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State Establishment Republican Scientific and Practical Center «Mother and Child»


State Establishment Republican Scientific and Practical Center «Mother and Child», governed by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus, is a unique healthcare center which offers perinatal care services in the Republic of Belarus. The center offers a wide range of medical services in the area of perinatal care, obstetrics and gynecology. It comprises 21 divisions and 6 scientific laboratories. Specialists of the center are continuously developing and applying new and effective methods of treatment and diagnostics.

Specialists of the Division of Family Planning and the Room of Assisted Reproductive Techniques carry out treatment of infertility using assisted reproductive techniques (in vitro fertilization).

Since 2008 specialists of the Republican Scientific and Practical Center «Mother and Child» have been successfully performing fetal microinvasive surgeries:

  • Fetoscopic correction of antenal fetal pathology;
  • Cordocentesis with perinatal transfusion;
  • Chorionic villus sampling during the first pregnancy trimester (from 10 weeks and 5 days to 13 weeks of pregnancy).

List of other high-tech medical procedures:

  • Treatment of retinopathy of prematurity by the method of laser coagulation;
  • Early correction of severe intraventicular hemorrhage;
  • Audiologic screening of newborns for early detection and treatment of acoustic analyzer dysfunctions;
  • Early surgical correction of persistent fetal communications (open arterial duct) in prematures;
  • Mass-spectrometric diagnostics of inherited metabolic diseases;
  • Abdominal reconstructive surgical interventions on urinogenital organs, abdominal surgeries to correct congenital malformations in children;
  • Reconstructive organsparing surgeries of uterus and uterine appendages during pregnancy;
  • Endoscopic interventions of newborns;
  • Extended fetal echocardiographic examination. Fetal neurosonography;
  • Resuscitation and intensive care & nursing of premature newborns with low (1000-1500 grammes) and extremely low weight at birth (500-1000 grammes)

At the center there is a genetic laboratory equipped with modern appliences, where the specialists carry out screening of newborns, biochemical and DNA-diagnostics of metabolic diseases, molecular-cytogenetic and DNA tests in the field of congenital pathology, which includes a huge amount of prenatal tests and biochemical screening of pregnant women.

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