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State Establishment "Republican Center for Medical Rehabilitation and Balneotherapy"


Nation-wide public institution “Republican Center of Medical Rehabilitation and Balneotherapy” has wide capabilities of present-day diagnostics, outpatient treatment and medical rehabilitation.

Rich material and technical facilities, the availability of modern medical equipment and the high level of the specialists’ qualification allow diagnosing and treating a wide range of diseases of various organs and systems using advanced methods and modern technologies.

The institution facilities include the Republican Endocrinology Center. The Center is a unique medical institution, where you can get not only consultative and diagnostic assistance, but also treatment The treatment is based on the natural healing factors application: mineral waters and peloids. The Center provides for various baths: iodine and bromine, turpentinic, aroma, hydromassage, with herbal extracts, healing showers, dental and gynecological irrigations and a swimming pool.

To treatment the disorders of the joints and spine, nervous system, skin, gynecological, urological and dental diseases they widely use pelotherapy, various types of massage and physiotherapeutic exercises. The facilities of the Republican Center of Medical Rehabilitation and Balneotherapy include the Traditional Chinese Medicine Department. Its doctors have internship experience in China.

After a comprehensive examination and treatment, a patient is given detailed recommendations for further preventive and supportive treatment, lifestyle, to prevent disease recurrence and enjoy the maximum of social adaptation.

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