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Republican Scietific and Practical Center of Otorhinolaryngology


Research and Application Center of Otorhinolaryngology is the leader in Belarus in diagnosing and treating diorders related to the otorhinolaryngology, the psychoneurology and thepedagogic correction. 

Research and Application Center otorhinolaryngology offers the whole range of the diagnostics of the hearing ability, the nose breathing function, speech functions as well as new method of their early corrections and complex rehabilitation; the Center uses medical hi-tech and effective surgical methods to treat otorhinolaryngologic diseases.

They perform the following types of surgery in the Center:

  • cochlear implantation;
  • middle ear implantation with Vibrant system;
  • osteal implantation with Bonbrige system;
  • osteal implantation with BAHA system;
  • stapedial plasty;
  • tympanoplasty of any type with middle ear endoprosthesis;
  • functional endoscopic rhinosurgery;
  • obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome surgery;
  • corrective surgery (otoplasty, rhinoplasty);
  • throat operations with videoendoscopic control (adenotomy, tonsillotomy, tonsillectomy);

Highly qualified staff, present-day equipment, fine attitude to patients – all this creates a favorable environment to help every patient recover.

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