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Public institution Republican Research and Application Center of Mental Health


Public institution Republican Research and Application Center of Mental Health of the Ministry of Health of Belarus is a leading national healthcare establishment in the sphere of psychiatric help to adults and children. The Center offers the whole range of psychiatric services including fee-based ones for individuals from abroad.

Republican Research and Application Center of Mental Health provides the following medical aid:

  • Individual care for senior patients with cognitive disorders (dementia);
  • treating and rehabilitating alcohol and drug addicts (detoxification, implantation medications, psychotherapy, physiotherapy, pneumatotherapy);
  • treating and rehabilitating gaming addicts;
  • treating and rehabilitating children with autistic disorders and hyperactivity syndrome;
  • treating patients with eating disorders (neural anorexia, bulimia);
  • treating anxiety and depressive disorders;
  • complex psychological diagnostics and psychocorrection.
  • treating epilepsy including individual selection of anticonvulsants;
  • biochemical laboratory diagnostics;
  • functional diagnostics (radiodiagnosis, MRT, ultrasonic examination, electroencephalography including 24-hour monitoring, electrocardiography and rheovasography);
  • various special consultations.

Professors, Medical Doctors and first-class professionals with many years of experience and the knowledge of present-day psychiatry achievements carry out the treatment.

In premium wards for one person (with a TV, a WC, a shower room and a refrigerator), patients from over 15 countries have been successfully diagnosed and treated.

After a complex examination, a patient is given detailed recommendations on further preventive care, support and lifestyle to avoid a disorder relapse and to enjoy the maximum of the social adaptation.

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