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«Profi-Dent» is a modern dental clinic in Minsk.

The clinic is equipped with the latest appliances, its staff consists of professionals with many years of experience, who continuously improve their practical skills. 

We offer you a complex approach to the dental treatment.

«Profi-Dent» has a team of like-minded professionals, the best specialists in the field of aesthetic and restorative dentistry, orthopedics, orthodontics, maxillofacial surgery, periodontology and endodontics, which makes it possible to achieve best treatment results.

Dental clinic with a principle of competence. Its staff consists of highly-qualified dentists, associate professors and professors, doctors with a high level of professionalism and personal responsibility, capable to work in a team and eager for continuous development. Because the work of our profession means your beautiful smile!

Dental clinic with a wide range of directions and absolute safety. The clinic offers all kinds of advanced dental services known worldwide. The directions available at the clinic are the following ones: laser dentistry and periodontology, orthopedics and orthodontics, implantation and pediatric dentistry. The clinic is equipped with modern and multifunctional appliances contributing to your comfort during treatment.

Dental clinic with high technologies. The clinic is equipped with its own high technologies: a scanner and laser, microscopes and binoculars, occlusal splints and molds, lingual and individual braces Insignia.

Dental clinic with a full range of services. Specialists doing their work usually prefer to treat and prepare prosthetic dentures within a short period of time. Even in cases of quick treatment, the quality of their work is on a high level with the application of a complex approach.

Dental clinic with sincere attitude. The treatment begins with oral hygiene instructions. The dentists will help to reduce the price for the treatment for any patient who is ready to accept and stick to dental hygiene rules. And one of its signs is visits to a regular dentist!

Advantages of treatment at the dental clinic «Profi-Dent»

  1. Successful 20-year experience
  2. A team of highly-qualified professionals with the highest rating
  3. Dentists of the clinic help to cope with malocclusion at any age (our oldest patient is 69 years old and sometimes there are patients older!)
  4. Possibility to have a complex diagnostic examination
  5. Dentists of Profi-Dent are involved in scientific and educational work
  6. The clinic cooperates with all leading stomatologic manufacturers
  7. Also, the staff of the clinic provides each patient with all necessary information and legal support
Directions of our work:
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