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Limited Liability Company «NEO Sports Rehabilitation Center»


In the Republic of Belarus there have been created a unique health center – Limited Liability Company «Sports Rehabilitation Center NEO», where the medical staff is represented by sports medicine specialists, neurologists, orthopedists, rehabilitation physicians. They are excellent professionals with a good knowledge and experience. In their work they use modern technologies and equipment. Complex approach and various treatment techniques make it possible to get rid of the health problems, to carry out rehabilitation after traumas and spinal cord injuries, to get rid of the physical overexertion and overtraining syndromes. The methods applied by physicians of the Center effectively restore the health. 

Cohesive team of physicians and managers is ready to offer a complex approach to any problem, individual rehabilitation programs and a constant control over the treatment efficiency. Specialists of the Center, having a unique work experience with national sports teams and in sports clinics, have a great desire to help each patient.

Limited Liability Company «NEO Sports Rehabilitation Center» guarantees high quality of medical services.

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