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Healthcare Establishment "Minsk Regional Hospital"


Minsk Regional Clinical Hospital is a large multidisciplinary medical and diagnostic institution. Its capacity is 967 beds. The facilities of our hospital there are 25 departments, including 15 surgical departments and 10 therapeutic departments. There are also 20 treatment and diagnostic centers.

Our facilities also include four nationwide centers: Andrology, Reconstructive Surgical Gastroenterology and Coloproctology, Plastic and Reconstructive Microsurgery as well as Hyperbaric Oxygenation and Hypobaric Adaptation. Each of them is equipped with all necessary equipment that meets the required European standards. The centers carry out all the necessary diagnostic examinations.

The main directions of the development of specialized medical care in the hospital are: the development of endoscopic types of surgical interventions (1500 endoscopic surgical interventions are performed per year), cardiac surgery (more than 170 open heart surgeries are performed per year, as well as more than 300 implantations and more than 1400 diagnostic coronary angiographies are performed), orthopedics (600-700 operations per year), modern types of bone osteosynthesis, arthroscopy of large joints, operating with laser equipment, vascular surgery, microsurgery, neurosurgery, urology and proctology.

Specialists in urology/andrology of the Minsk Regional Hospital carry out over a thousand successful surgical operations annually. The department’s specialists have mastered innovative treatment methods, including remote lithotripsy, laparoscopic and minimally invasive procedures. Most of the surgical interventions are high-tech orthopedic manipulations. Among such operations, joint arthroplasty with prostheses made of modern materials from leading manufacturers. Arthroscopic surgery is also available. Many operations are performed annually on the spine, knees, and other parts of the musculoskeletal system. With the help of an esthetic surgery operation, you can improve the shape of the face and body or eliminate age-related changes.

Specialists of the Minsk Regional Hospital successfully treat patients with trophic ulcers using the method of cell therapy. This is a new direction in medicine, based on the use of the patient’s stem cells. The technique gives a positive result i.e. the elimination of painful manifestations, sustainable healing of ulcers and the return to a normal life.

On the basis of our clinic, there is a medical rehabilitation department that provides a wide range of medical and recreational services: reflexology, physiotherapy (heat therapy, water-and-heat procedures), physiotherapy exercises (hydrokinesitherapy), massage (classical therapeutic massage, apparatus types of massage) and halotherapy. Many of them are performed on an outpatient basis. Also, from 1 December 2017, the Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine has been operating (acupuncture, hirudotherapy and hirudoreflexotherapy, heating the skin in the area of acupuncture points with special cigars, laser puncture and light puncture, electroacupuncture, labile apparatus for vacuum reflexology and labile vacuum combined massage therapy, combined general magnetotherapy and acupuncture as well as ultrasound puncture).

The hospital staff consists of high-class specialists: professors, highly qualified doctors, nurses. All employees are extremely attentive to each patient. The hospital employs doctors whose names are known far beyond the borders of Belarus. For example, MD Uladzimir Padhayski, a specialist in plastic surgery; Aleksei Maslou, MD, specializing in endoprosthetics of the knee and hip joints; Candidate of Medicine Ihar Liubishchau works in neurosurgery; Siarhei Karniyevich majors in vascular surgery and Candidate of Medicine Dzmitry Tarendz is a specialist in urology.

The Minsk Regional Hospital has earned a good reputation among international customers. Each year, more than 25000 patients come to the Hospital to have diagnostic and preventive measures or therapeutic and surgical treatment. Over 15000 successful operations are carried out.