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Healthcare Establishment "City Clinical Hospital № 2"


In the 2nd Municipal Clinical Hospital of Minsk patients can be examined and treated in the inpatient departments of cardiology, neurology, gastroenterology, proctology, pulmonology, urology as well as urgent, low invasion and purulent surgery.

On the Hospital facilities basis they have established the Municipal Cardiology Center including three cardiology departments, an outpatient department and an angiographic room. The treatment includes interventions to patients with cardiovascular pathologies: angiography (coronography and lower limb vessel angiography) as well as X-ray and endovascular operations (angioplasty, stentgraft).

The Hospital provides the services of operative dentistry and prosthodontics (the latter by a special department).

At present, the clinic has modern medical and diagnostic equipment, premium-classа ultrasonic examination devices, videoendoscopic and laparoscopy units as well as extra class anesthetic equipment for hi-tech low invasion operations.

Surgery blocks are equipped with medical ventilation with laminar airflows, sterilizing units and the newest laparoscopy devices.

The Hospital has comfortable conditions for a patient and a worker: 1, 2 and 3-bed wards with WCs washrooms, new furniture, bedding and a nurse call button.

The main mission of the Hospital is to provide high-quality medical assistance, boost medical research and hi-tech development and upgrade its staff’s professional skills.


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