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Healthcare Establishment "City Clinical Hospital № 10"


The 10th Minsk City Clinical Hospital is a modern multidisciplinary clinic.

The clinic comprises 5 specialised republican centers, 4 specialised city centers, 9 surgery and 10 therapy units, 2 resuscitation units, 4 laboratory diagnostics units, 5 treatment-and-diagnostic units, a unit of rehabilitation and oriental medicine. The largest ophthalmology center of Belarus is situated there (4 divisions). Specialists of this center perform laser operations, unique and exclusive ones in Belarus, applying femtosecond laser. Every day, the 10th City Clinical Hospital offers diagnostic and consulting services at city and republican centers of thoracic surgery, allergology and professional pathology, gastroduodenal haemorrhage, ophthalmology, “diabetic foot”, center of surgical pancreatology and gastroenterology, with a possibility to be consulted either by Doctors of Medical Sciences or Candidates of Medical Sciences.

The main pride of the hospital is its staff which consists of highly-qualified excellent professionals of physicians and medical personnel, ready to help you at any time.

Yearly, specialists of the hospital perform about 23 thousand operations of any level of complexity, including  high-tech ones, which either help to maintain the health, or provide high life quality. Yearly, more than 100 thousand people receive medical care in our hospital.

Every year, citizens of the Republic of Belarus, neighbouring countries and beyond use diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation services of the hospital. Modern and unique equipment, the team of professionals, friendly atmosphere in the hospital – all these factors will help you to protect your health and contribute to your quick recovery.  

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