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Healthcare Establishment “Minsk City Clinical Oncologic Dispensary”


Healthcare Establishment “Minsk City Clinical Oncologic Dispensary” is a specialized oncologic establishment of the Republic of Belarus which renders diagnostic, surgical, combined and treatment services for patients with malignant tumors of different localizations, along with their outpatient observation and rehabilitation. 

At present, Minsk City Clinical Oncologic Dispensary is a huge specialized treatment and prevention institution, which consists of outpatient and inpatient clinics (it has 644 beds).

Yearly, more than 10000 surgeries are performed at the hospital: among them 440 surgeries are high-tech ones and 2500 surgeries are complicated ones. The following surgeries are available at the dispensary: abdominal, intestinal, lung, mediastinal, kidney, adrenal, urinary bladder, female and male reproductive organs, mammary gland, thyroid, soft tissues, lymphatic system surgeries and etc.

There is the Republican Center of Tumor Pathology of the Thyroid Gland at the dispensary. Specialists of the Center render high-quality medical services to the citizens of the Republic of Belarus and foreign citizens with thyroid tumors.

About 33000 patients receive chemotherapeutic treatment, more than 40000 patients are treated by radiation therapy with the application of distance and intracavitary gamma-therapy, brachytherapy, close-focus roentgenotherapy and also by radioactive isotopes.

Modern anesthetic-respiratory equipment in the intensive-care unit facilitates the rise in number of favorable outcomes in difficult patients.

Diagnostic units are equipped with modern appliances: there are two computed tomography scanners GE Optima; MRI scanner Optima 1,5Т; a mammographer with a possibility of tomosynthesis GE MS; expert class ultrasound devices. Radiotherapy units are equipped with linear accelerators Versa and Infinity with a possibility of radiosurgery.

Clinical-and-diagnostic, cytology and morphological laboratories completely meet the clinic requirements in urgent and non-urgent diagnostics.

During the year 2018, 20 different kinds of new methods and techniques in the treatment of malignant tumors were implemented, including the following ones: preventive thyroidectomy in genetic carriers of medullary thyroid cancer, identification of sentinel gland with the application of navigation system of intraoperative diagnostics, all kinds of eno- and exogenic mammoplasty at mammary gland operations, more than 10 kinds of latest methods of chemotherapy and radiation treatment. 

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