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6th Municipal Clinical Hospital of Minsk


6th Municipal Clinical Hospital of Minsk is a multidisciplinary institution that provides specialized medical care in the therapeutic, surgical, orthopedic as well as obstetric and gynecological fields.

Annually, over 50000 adults and children receive consultations at the clinic; about 13000 operations are performed for patients from Belarus, as well as from Russia, Ukraine, Germany, the UK, the USA, the Baltic countries, Africa and Asia.

The hospital facilities include Minsk Municipal Clinical Center of Traumatology and Orthopedics in order to provide affordable, high-quality inpatient, outpatient and advisory care to patients with damaged musculoskeletal systems.

In Minsk Municipal Clinical Center of Traumatology and Orthopedics they widely perform such complex and hi-tech operations as arthroplasty of the hip, knee, shoulder, ankle joints, hand joints with endoprostheses of domestic and foreign production (Stryker, DePyu, Zweimuller, Waldemar Link, Covision, etc.); arthroscopic interventions on the knee, shoulder, hip, ankle joints; bone fracture osteosynthesis with the most modern osteosynthetic systems (interlocking, DCS, DHS, etc.), any orthopedic and pediatric surgery interventions.

The clinic has developed and successfully used a number of original interventions for diseases and injuries of the hand, foot (including hallux valgus), pediatric rheumatopedic pathology of the knee joint, and injuries of the rotational cuff.

In addition to the traumatology and orthopedic referral, the hospital provides the following surgical services:

  • laser destruction (endovenous laser coagulation) ;
  • sclerosis of varicose veins and telangiectasia;
  • laparoscopic herniotomy interventions, cholecystectomy;
  • the use of synthetic nets for giant hernias of the abdomen;
  • phlebectomy of the lower limb with laser coagulation of varicose nodes.

Physiotherapy Treatment:

  • reflexotherapy;
  • massage therapy;
  • electrotherapy;
  • chromophototherapy;
  • hydrotherapy;
  • thermotherapy;
  • treatment via mechanical factors.

Professors, MDs and first-class doctors with many years of experience and knowledge of modern achievements in the field of medical technology carry out the treatment. Inpatient treatment is carried out using modern medicines and medtech in superior wards.

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